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For you who seize the dot ...
Both Ina and Ingrid got along together with a passion for creation, colour and composition. The ‘East meets West theme’ can be found in all their designs and is basicly their way of living. Having families of their own, they take importance in creating items which enrich everyday life, hence the ‘seize the day (“dot”) in the slogan. We like our products to be touched and used, preferably on a daily basis and not only for special occasions.
The brand name amaï means ‘wow’ in Antwerp (Belgium), where the two founders have their roots. ‘Amai’ is emphasizing an emotion. The two dots on the ‘i’ represent both names and add the symbolic little extra detail, or as we see it, the icing on the cake!
What all started as finding and making beautiful objects for ourselves, gradually lead to selling to friends, neighbours, friends of friends, their friends etc etc... The word was out and couldn’t be stopped. We started to get requests from the hospitality industry and are proud to be represented now in high-end resorts and restaurants in Vietnam, Singapore, Cambodia, America and hope for many to follow.
Apart from having our own conceptstore in HCMC, we also sell to retailers in Vietnam, Singapore, Australia, Japan and the Netherlands. Who’s next?
We are very interested to hear how you put a little amaï into your daily lives!
Ingrid Ploem (Dutch) Well experienced in product development, quality control and graphic design. Has lived in Asia close to twenty years, although her true home is by the canals of Amsterdam and her heart belongs to Antwerp. She is creative, innovative and has a solution to everything.
Ina Stas (Belgian) With an eye for detail and passion for design she has made her way from being a professional violinplayer to an interior designer and stylist. Enjoying motherhood (3) gives her plenty of energy to be creative and full of ideas. She simply get things done.



once upon a towel
Size 90 x 180 cm. Light weight beautiful designed towel, with a great story.
Once upon a time
In the east long ago
A chest to carry rice was no longer of use
And so it felt low
His friends from the west took pity on him
They gave it a home just on a whim
There is a design on its woodwork so light
It glows warm fuzzy and bright
Now this towel is graced by his art
It's lines curl and flow to your heart
Little Chest is proud and rides free
Leaving his warmth wrapped around thee


Kientruc Doisong oct 2012
Dep magazine dec 2012
ELLE decor dec 2012
Harper's Bazaar dec 2012
ELLE decor jan 2013
JAL inflight magazine mar 2013
Wallpaper Thailand jan 2014
Vietweek feb 2014
Sketch feb 2014

Dep magazine feb 2014
ELLE decor France april 2014


Amaï artisan ceramic collection
Soft pastel colours and irregular shaped. Amaï dishes are thin and light weight. Giving the impression of being delicate, the dishes are fired at 1250 degree Celsius temperature, and therefore very strong. The dishes can be easily stacked together for storing, and suits any kind of world cuisine. This is just a glimpse of our collection, we are serving 5 star hotels, resorts and restaurants therefor we have many more shapes and sizes.
cup S 6 cm (espresso)
cup 10 cm (coffee, thee, yogurt, appetizers, etc)
bowl S 10 cm (jam, soja saus, sauses, etc)
bowl M 19 cm (cerial, noodle, soup, serving etc)
bowl L 23 cm (salad, pasta, asian dishes, serving etc)
bowl XXL 35 cm (salad serving, fruitbowl, etc)
oval plate 18 x 26 cm (sushi serving, dinner plate etc)
round plate M 22 cm (breakfast, deserts)
round plate L 26 cm  (western dinner plate)
plate S 17 cm (cake, deserts, japanese small servings)
plate M 27 cm (Italian or Asian dinner plate, serving dishes etc)
water pitcher

stainless steel


stainless steel grade 304 18/8

coffee spoons (set of 6)cake forks (set of 6)
laddle spoon for sugar and sauses (S - M - L)
cheese knife
amuse spoon
fruit fork
jam or latte spoon
cake carving set
bread/pasta tong
rice/serving spoon
laddle stand
plates (in different sizes)
champagne bucket
full cutlery set to order



Section image collectie liggend 01

Amaï products are designed with passion for detail en elegance. Our main purpose when putting the collection together is for them being used on a daily base so therefor we are putting high quality as a priority in our development process. 

They also make great gifts and come in a nice packaging-gift box.


where to buy

To see our full Amaï Homeware collection you can visit our showroom/shop: 
amaï showroom - shop
SNAP, 32 Tran Ngoc Dien, Thao Dien, District 2, HCMC
Opening hours:
Tuesday 9 am - 5 pm
Thursday 9 am - 5 pm
Saturday 10 am - 4 pm
For appointments please feel free to contact us:
tel Ina (+84) 0123 445 4143
tel Ingrid (+ 84) 0908 752 333
Other shops in Vietnam who carry our ceramic artisan collection:
Ho Chi Minh City
Sadec District Shop (large choice)
3A Ton Duc Thang, District 1, HCMC, Vietnam
151/1 Dong Khoi St, 1st floor, District , HCMC, Vietnam
70B Le Loi St. District 1, HCMC, Vietnam
Feeling Tropic
51, Le Van Mien Street,
Thao Dien Ward - Dist. 2
HCM - Vietnam
Coto Lifestyle shop
42 Bis Tran Quoc Thao, District 3, HCMC, Vietnam
Hoi An, Vietnam
O-collective concept store
85 Nguyen Thai Hoc,
Hoi An, Vietnam
94 Le Loi
Hoi An, Quang Nam
Na Trang, Vietnam
77 Bach Dang, Nha Trang
Hoi An, Vietnam
other countries:
Galanga Living
211 Henderson Road
#01-02 Henderson Industrial Park
Singapore 159552
Hill Station
Shop 9, 159 Shoreham Rd
Red Hill 3937 Victoria
May Time Marketing Limited
Pagoda international
CT-Commerce AG
9 rue de la Villa
Zone de Montauban, 56340 CARNAC
Rachel Lusher Interiors

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Amanoi Aman resort: all crockery of our artisan collection at the beachclub of this high-end resort (Vinh Hy)
Runam: high end Vietnamese coffee bar- lunch restaurant (HCMC)
The Loop: fusion cafe-restaurant (HCMC)
The Mack House: Restaurant concept store (HCMC)
The Deck: we provide their stainless steel cutlary (HCMC)
Il Lido: high-end Italian restaurant (Sentosa)
El Mero: Mexican restaurant
The shop: chocolate bar and restaurant (Phnom Penh)
The Collins Quarter: trendy Melbourne style cafe ( Savannah,Georgia)
"Amanoi" Aman resorts: all crockery of our artisan collection at the beachclub of this high-end resort (Vinh Hy)
Tam Coc Garden: hotel resort are using our 'once upon a towel' collection at their pool area (Hanoi highlands) 
Sanctum Inle Resort: Yangon, Bahan Township (Myanmar)
The Reverie Saigon: use our ceramics in their spa (HCMC)






32 Tran Ngoc Dien, Thao Dien

district 2, Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

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